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Urbas Doubles its Turnover in H1 2022 to Reach €161 Million

Urbas's EBITDA amounted to 26 million euros in H1 2022, also doubling the figure for H1 2021 when it recorded a profit of 11 million euros.


Urbas closed H1 2022 with a profit of 17 million euros. The company, which specialises in sustainable infrastructure and construction, consolidated its positive result and boosted its turnover to reach 161 million euros, which represented a two-fold increase on the figure obtained in H1 2021 (85 million euros).

Having integrated new assets and expanded the business perimeter, Urbas has improved at an operational and financial level, generating important synergies between all the companies that make up the group and optimising costs. This orderly and sustainable growth strategy is accelerating the firm’s expansion and explains the significant increase in revenues, which generated a gross operating profit (EBITDA) of 26 million euros, double that achieved in the same period last year (11 million euros in H1 2021). The total asset value of the company’s balance sheet stands at 1.176 billion euros.

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