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UBS Increases its Exposure to Spanish Property Developers with the Purchase of Shares in Aedas and Realia

The Swiss bank has increased its stake in the share capital of the property developers to 7% and 6.4%, respectively. These percentages are valued at 75 million euros in the case of Aedas Homes and 36.7 million euros in the case of Realia.

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UBS has increased its stake in the share capital of Aedas Homes to 7.1%. Specifically, the Swiss financial institution increased its position in the property developer by two percentage points on 23 December after exercising the financial instruments that it held.

This means that UBS is now the listed developer’s second-largest shareholder, according to records held by the National Securities Market Commission. In total, UBS now owns more than 3.4 million shares in Aedas, valued at 75 million euros, based on the current share price, compared to the 2.5 million shares it held previously, which were worth 54 million euros.

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