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Tourism Leads the Covid-Driven Loan Moratorium Ranking With More Than €2 Billion in Deferred Borrowings

Financial entities have granted moratoriums on loans worth 54.11 billion euros, according to the Bank of Spain, with mortgage loans accounting for 19.96 billion euros.

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According to the Bank of Spain, Spanish financial institutions have granted 1.38 million moratoriums on mortgage and non-mortgage loans with an outstanding balance pending repayment of 54.11 billion euros. In the case of tourism, 1,582 moratoriums were requested, of which 1,372 have been processed, worth more than 2.0 billion euros, according to Europa Press.

The transport sector has also been granted numerous moratoriums on its loans to withstand the current crisis, given its link with tourism. In that case, 1,851 requests were made, of which 1,665 have been processed worth 215 million euros.

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