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Tomás Olivo (Galerías Comerciales) Becomes a Shareholder of Unicaja with a 3% Stake

The owner of the Socimi 'General de Galerías Comerciales' has joined other shareholders such as Unicaja's banking foundations (49.68%), the Domínguez de Mayoral family (5%), Santander (4.95%) and Santalucía Seguros (3.2%).

Tomás Olivo de General de Galerias Comerciales

In these post-Covid crisis times, when we will more than likely see the credit tap tighten, the Cartagena-born businessman has become a significant shareholder of Unicaja Banco. According to the records of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), Tomás Olivo has acquired a 3.064% stake in the entity’s share capital.

The owner of the Socimi General de Galerías Comerciales (GGC) whereby joins other significant shareholders of Unicaja Banco such as its banking foundations (49.68%), Indumenta Pueri (5%), the Domínguez de Mayoral family (5%) Santander Asset Management (4.95%), Fidelity (3.71%) and Santalucía Seguros (3.2%).

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