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This is Brainsre News

The perfect blend of Journalism, Data and Real Estate.

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Photograph by Arif Wahid.

Journalism and Data. Brainsre News is more than just a newspaper specialising in the real estate sector. It is the perfect union between a great journalistic team, Real Estate experts, Data / IT specialists and the Brainsre Big Data real estate platform.

Brainsre News is Data Journalism specialising in Real Estate. Our goal is to answer the questions that matter in the sector in the best way: using data-based knowledge. Through Brainsre.news, we want to strengthen those opinions, experiences and intuitions and support them by providing the rigour and opportunity offered by data analysis and knowledge after working exhaustively with them for more than seven years.

This experience and knowledge allow us to write with objectivity and rigour. We have transformed the classic concept of writing by combining the best of journalism with data analysis. We have a fantastic multidisciplinary team. A great team of journalists with extensive experience in financial and sector-specific newspapers. The best RE Data Scientists with years of experience in the sector. GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and IT experts. And of course, a team of Real Estate specialists who allow us to drill down into the most detailed and up-to-date knowledge.

But in addition, we have developed Brainsre, a unique real estate information platform, which allows us to understand what is happening in the market thanks to its ability to show us data in a contextualised, clear and accessible way. This platform, which has more than 100 million data points with information about practically every type of property, allows us to identify trends, generate knowledge and produce our own content to share with you. We hope you enjoy the world of data-driven knowledge as much as we do.

We have arrived.

Welcome to Brainsre News. The moment when everything makes sense.


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