These Are the (Almost) 100 Logistics Projects that will Boost e-Commerce in Spain

The pandemic is fuelling logistics projects, which are set to displace offices and shopping centres as the focus of real estate activity between 2021 and 2025, according to EY's The Logistic Property Telescope report.

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If you were to line up all of the logistics projects that are going to be launched in Spain over the next four years, they would span almost 3,000 soccer fields. According to data from EY’s Logistic Property Telescope report, investors and developers of logistics warehouses are planning to undertake a total of 95 new projects spanning more than 21 million square metres of building space between 2021 and 2015.

That figure not only represents a record volume for the sector, it also places logistics assets as the stars of non-residential activity, surpassing the traditional asset kings of recent decades, namely, offices and shopping centres.

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