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The Unfinished ‘Mamotreto’ Shopping Centre in the Canary Islands is a Burden for Municipal Budgets

Santa Brígida en Canarias
Shell of the building where the shopping centre was going to be located in Santa Brígida

The Las Palmas government, formed by four parties led by the PP, and its partners Coalición Canaria-Unidos por Gran Canaria, Ciudadanos and Plataforma Vecinal por Santa Brígida, have resumed discussions about how to make use of the public space in the centre of the town, which used to be a football pitch.

The original plans for the site consisted of a shopping centre with a below-ground supermarket, but the regulations in force prohibit the plot of land being used for that purpose. They also require that an underground car park be constructed, together with a public square, commercial premises and a cinema complex.


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