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The Suspension of Evictions Will Increase the Volume of Rental Defaults to €132 Million

The anti-eviction law that the Government plans to approve will cause losses of 9,436 euros for every owner and will raise the volume of rental defaults to 132.7 million euros, according to the Rental Negotiation Agency.

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The decree to prohibit evictions from rental homes will result in accumulated losses of 9,436 euros for every owner who has gone 14 months without collecting the rent, as well as an average default volume of 132.7 million euros, according to estimates published by the Rental Negotiation Agency (ANA).

This calculation is based on the results of analysis of the default situation since the beginning of the pandemic taking into account launch data for the non-payment of rent from the General Council of the Judiciary, which reflects “alarming” figures, according to the agency.

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