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The Supreme Court Rules in Favour of the Banks: IRPH-Indexed Mortgages Are Not Unfair

The Supreme Court acknowledges that there has been a lack of transparency in the information provided about the index, but considers that the mortgages referenced to IRPH are not unfair.

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The Supreme Court has ruled in favour of the bank in four appeals. Although it accepts that there was a lack of transparency in the marketing of the mortgages linked to the IPRH index, it does not consider them to be unfair.

“In the four appeals that have been resolved, following the jurisprudence of the EUCJ, a lack of transparency has been observed due to the failure to report the evolution of the index over the previous two years,” ruled the Supreme Court. However, “analysis has been performed of the abusiveness and it has been concluded that, in the cases in question, there was no abuse,” continues the text from the Supreme Court.

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