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The Supply of New Build Homes Fell by 16.5% During the State of Emergency

The volume of new build homes decreased by 16.5% nationwide between March and May, which means 9,000 fewer units on the market. Valencia registered the biggest fall in stock, of 41%.

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Illustration by Jimmoyht.

On 14 March, the Government decreed a State of Emergency in Spain due to the rapid spread of Covid-19. Since then, the country has been facing a major crisis – firstly of a health nature, then of an economic and social kind – which is leaving a panorama of uncertainty across all economic sectors, including real estate, in the face of an unknown future.

The declaration of the State of Emergency brought with it several weeks of paralysis of non-essential economic activity. All building work was stopped for two weeks -from 30 March until 13 April – as a measure to curb the contagion of the virus. Sales offices and estate agencies also remained closed until 4 May, and the visiting of properties for sale or rent was also prohibited.


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