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The State of the Rental Market in Spain

Until Covid, the rental market in Spain had posted four years of continuous price growth. However, the data reveal disparate patterns depending on the area.

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The rental market in Spain has been experiencing four years of continuous price growth, exceeding 10 euros per square metre before the pandemic. At that point, there has been a clear slowdown in the main indicators of this market: price per square metre, demand, average ticket, gross profitability, etc.

In the last four quarters, the price per square metre has stabilised at around €10, according to data extracted from the real estate big data platform Brainsre.

In the case of the total amount (or average ticket), the pandemic caused a drop to €954 from the highs of the first quarter of 2020, where it reached €1,084/month. However, a recovery began in the second quarter of this year, up to 962 euros, though still below that of 2019.

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