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The Socimi Owned by Sareb & TPG Admits that 9% of its Tenants Cannot Afford the Rent

The Socimi granted rent deferrals to 3.5% of its tenants in April; and in May, an additional 5.5% asked for help to afford their rent.

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Témpore, the Socimi created by Sareb and controlled by the US fund TPG, has seen how 9% of its tenants have not been able to continue paying the rent during the first two months of the pandemic.

“Témpore has granted rent deferrals to a number of tenants, which occupy 3.5% of the units rented at present. In addition, the company has received requests for deferrals that are currently being analysed and that correspond to 5.5% of the units rented. These additional requests will likely increase the number of rent deferrals granted”, says the company in the capital increase prospectus that it has presented to the MAB (Alternative Investment Market), the index where it has been listed since April 2018.


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