Friday, October 23, 2020
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The Socimi JSS Real Estate, FCC’s Landlord in Madrid, Will Make its Stock Market Debut With a Valuation of €58M

The Socimi that owns the building that houses FCC's headquarters in Madrid has received the go-ahead from the BME to make its debut on BME Growth (formerly the MAB), with a valuation of 58 million euros.

The Socimi JSS Real Estate, owner of the office building that houses FCC’s headquarters in Madrid, has received the green light from the BME to make its debut on the Alternative Investment Market (formerly known as the MAB), which is now called BME Growth.

The firm’s Board of Directors has set a reference value for each of its shares of 11.60 euros, which represents a total company valuation of 58 million euros, as reported by the Stock Exchange operator in a statement.

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According to data from INE, over the next 15 years, Spain will gain 954,497 inhabitants, which will represent a population increase of 2%, with decreases in 9 autonomous regions and increases in 8 and a significant impact in terms of the foreign population in Spain.

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