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The Socimi Gavari will Debut on the MAB with a Market Value of €8.77 Million

The Socimi, which specialises in the rental of homes to university students, will debut on the MAB with a valuation of €8.77 million and a portfolio of 153 homes.

apartamento estudiantes Gavari 1
An apartment for students owned by the Socimi Gavari.

Gavari Properties, the Socimi established in 2018 that specialises in rental flats for students, has received the green light to start trading on the Alternative Investment Market (MAB). The firm will debut at a price of €23 per share, which corresponds to a company valuation of €8.77 million, as reported by the BME.

The Socimi is the third to make its debut on the MAB so far this year and it does so in the midst of the pandemic. Gavari’s portfolio is made up of more than 153 homes and three commercial premises. 53% of the assets are located in Málaga, 24% in Madrid and another 23% in Getafe. This stock of homes and rooms has a market value of €15.60 million, according to analysis conducted by an independent firm.


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