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The Rents of Commercial Premises in Prime Areas of Barcelona Fell by 7% in H2 2020, According to Forcadell

The rents of commercial premises in Barcelona closed 2020 with a half-year decrease of 7.4% in prime areas, while those on commercial thoroughfares fell by an average of 4.5%.

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The market for commercial premises in Barcelona has slowed down since the outbreak of Covid-19, causing the sector to experience a hiatus in its activity. Nevertheless, it is expected to recover by early 2022 when an optimal level of herd immunity is predicted to be reached, according to Forcadell’s report on the real estate market about commercial premises in Barcelona.

“The regulations and social guidelines imposed due to the health crisis are conditioning the business model and its interaction with customers, as well as the structure and refurbishment of commercial spaces”, says Xavier Aguilar, Director of Commercial Premises at Forcadell.

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