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The Real Estate Sector Rises Up Against the Regulation of Rental Prices in Cataluña

The main representatives of the sector have warned that the measure approved in the Catalan Parliament on Wednesday will worsen access to housing, with many owners taking their properties off the market.

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On Wednesday, the political parties JxCat, ERC, En Comú Podem and CUP presented a proposal to the Catalan Parliament to limit the price of residential rental properties in the region. The document proposes regulating rental prices in 60 Catalan municipalities, where rents increased by more than 20% between 2014 and 2019, including in the Barcelona Metropolitan area and towns with more than 20,000 inhabitants.

Following its publication, the main representatives of the real estate sector in Cataluña have warned in a joint statement that the measure approved in the Catalan Parliament will actually worsen access to housing, especially for those segments of the population who are most disadvantaged or in situations of vulnerability.

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