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The Price of Parking Spaces in Spain Falls by 29% in Five Years, According to Fotocasa

In 2020, buyers paid 8.4% less for a parking space in Spain than they did in 2019, according to the real estate portal.

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The real estate portal Fotocasa has prepared a report entitled “Cumulative variation of parking spaces in Spain in 2020“, based on the prices of parking spaces for sale in the month of December for the last 5 years. The conclusions reveal a national drop in prices of 29% since 2015 and of 8.4% since 2019.

In this way, the average price of a parking space in Spain in 2015 was 13,762 euros but by 2020 that figure had fallen to 9,817 euros. The most expensive areas in Spain are currently the Basque Country (€ 17,828), Cantabria (€ 13,800) and Asturias (€ 11,754).

Read the full article in Spanish.


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