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The Owner of Grifols Injects €60 Million into its Real Estate Company Padolc

Víctor Grifols, owner of the Catalan pharmaceutical company, is backing the real estate sector by increasing the share capital of his company Padolc by 60 million euros.

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Víctor Grifols, the Catalan businessman and founder of the pharmaceutical laboratories that bears his name, is promoting his real estate firm. In this way, he has just strengthened the share capital of Padolc, the company that he created a while ago to invest in the real estate sector, by 60 million euros, according to La Información.

Together with the 21 million euro capital increase carried out last summer, that means that the recent contributions made (both monetary and in assets) amount to almost 86.3 million euros, according to the records filed with the Mercantile Registry. The last known operation involving the Catalan pharmaceutical company’s family office was registered in December 2020, when it acquired a commercial premise at number 445 Avenida Diagonal in Barcelona. That operation was signed at the same time as the rental of the establishment, where Ikea will open its first urban store in the Catalan capital.

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