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The Office Market in Málaga Closed 2020 With Higher Rents and Little Stock

Málaga is the province that is sparking the most interest amongst foreign multinationals, specifically those in the technology sector, and domestic companies, according to Savills Aguirre Newman.

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The office market in the province of Málaga is the most active in Andalucía, according to the consulting firm Savills Aguirre Newman. The coastal province has managed to attract interest from domestic and international companies alike, especially amongst those in the technological sector in the case of the latter.

Also, Málaga is the province with the highest number of business creations. Its office market recorded a maximum average rent of 18.5 euros per square metre. Currently, the city’s supply amounts to 500,000 square metres, of which only 5% is available. In addition, many of the office buildings are showing signs of years of wear and tear.

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