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The Office Market Before & After the Pandemic: Recovery in Barcelona, Reduction in Madrid

Office rental prices in Barcelona grew by 16.5% between June 2019 and June 2022 but fell by 12.87% in Madrid. DWS sees opportunities in the latter.

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The office segment has always been one of the key drivers of the real estate sector. Whilst the residential segment has always been the undisputed leader, offices have occupied second place in the ranking. That is until the pandemic hit and changed everyone’s perceptions of the workplace. Now, two and a half years later, some new historical milestones have been achieved, such as the fact that, for the first time in the economic cycle, the logistics segment received more investment in the United States than offices.

It is no longer just about working from home, but more that offices with a desk and computer aren’t enough. Much more is needed and perhaps that need is one of the reasons why Barcelona, ​​with its 22@ technological district at the forefront, is one of the few large Spanish cities to register good figures in terms of the evolution of office rental prices between June 2019 and June of this year.

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