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The National Court Proposes Putting the Leadership of Urbas on Trial for the Firm’s Capital Increase in 2015

The judge proposes that the current president, the former president and 14 other people be put on trial for alleged irregularities in the operation carried out in 2015, which amounted to 384 million euros.

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José Luis Calama, a judge in the National Court, has proposed putting the following people on trial: the president of Urbas Grupo Financiero, Juan Antonio Acedo, his predecessor, Juan Antonio Ibáñez, and 14 other individuals for alleged fraud and corporate crime in the capital increase that was undertaken in July 2015.

The ruling, which is also directed against Urbas as a legal entity, puts an end to the investigation – initiated in 2017 – into the alleged irregularities of the operation, which amounted to 384 million euros and which was financed using “overvalued” assets of Aldira Inversiones Inmobiliarias, according to the ruling that has been seen by various media outlets.

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