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The Mexican Group Hemisphere Buys the Palacio de Saldaña for €50 Million

The Palacio de Saldaña, located in the Salamanca district of Madrid, has been acquired by the Mexican group Hemisphere, which is going to transform it into a restaurant.

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The Palacio de Saldaña, which is located between Calles Ortega y Gasset and Castelló, in the Salamanca district of Madrid, has been sold.

Built in 1903, this iconic Madrid building has changed hands and uses on several occasions since its creation. Whilst at the beginning of the century its use was residential, it has also served as the offices of the Juvenile Court. After being in disuse for several years following its link to the Malaya corruption case, for more than a decade now it has been rented on an occasional basis for the celebration of events.

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