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The Logistics Sector Still Has Potential for Growth: 89% of Operators Need to Lease More Space

A report compiled by Savills and Tritax Eurobox plc notes increases of around 10% in occupancy rates and investment in the sector.

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The logistics segment is going from being a surprise hit to being the star of the show in the real estate sector. And it seems that its success is not going to be short-lived, at least, according to the reports and surveys that are being compiled about the market. The latest publication predicts that 89% of logistics operators in Europe will need to hire more storage space or maintain their existing spaces for the next three years.

That is the main conclusion to emerge from the European Real Estate Logistics Census study, prepared by Savills and Tritax Eurobox plc, an investor in the European logistics sector. The report also highlights that around 75% of the operators looking for new storage space for the next three years are not small players since they are looking to rent spaces exceeding 10,000 square metres, as well as mega-boxes.

Read the full article in Spanish.


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