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The Leasing of Offices Fell by 60% in Barcelona in 2020

Despite a slight recovery during the last quarter, the rental of office space fell by 60% in 2020 compared to 2019, to 160,000 m2.

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In cumulative annual terms, the rental of office space in Barcelona amounted to almost 160,000 m2 during 2020, an atypical year due to the outbreak of the pandemic. That figure represents a drop of 60% compared to 2019 and is “around 50% below the average for the last five years”, according to data provided by the consultancy CBRE.

Hopes are being pinned on the recovery that was experienced during the last quarter of the year when almost 49,000 m2 of office space was rented – that was the highest quarterly take-up figure during 2020, a year dominated by Covid. Even so, according to the firm, “it was still 30% below the same period a year earlier”.

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