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The Largest Players in Housing Sales and Rentals in Madrid

The big data platform Brainsre has conducted a study to determine the leading real estate brokerage firms that dominate the supply of housing for sale and rent in Madrid and its neighbourhoods.

lideres venta alquiler Madrid

The housing sales and rental business in Madrid are markedly different from that of the national market.

In Spain, 83.12% of residential assets for sale are in the hands of real estate agents. This figure is far from the level of professionalisation in other European countries. It is also far behind in the rental market, with less product in the hands of companies and less volume: only 24% of the Spanish supply is for rent, compared to an average of 30% in the rest of Europe.

The percentage of assets for sale in the hands of real estate agents in the capital is even lower than nationally, and rental assets are widely distributed. In addition, there has been an increase in supply in the last year.

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