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The Large Family Offices Redouble Their Commitment to Real Estate

The founders of Prosegur and the owner of Grifols are the latest to back the real estate sector through their family offices, which manage between 150 and 750 million euros in Spain.

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The profitability differential compared to other traditional investments, low interest rates and the defensive attitude of portfolios in the face of the pandemic, are all favouring an increase in investment in the real estate sector by domestic investors and family-owned companies, or family offices.

The latest examples include: The Gut Revoredo family, founder of Prosegur, which has just created a company, Freecap Investment, to invest in the real estate sector, with a share capital of 9 million euros. Helena Revoredo is the 24th richest person in Spain, with a fortune that amounts to 950 million euros, according to Forbes’s Rich List. And she is not alone; Víctor Grifols, owner of the Catalan pharmaceutical company, has redoubled his commitment to real estate with a capital increase for his company Padolc amounting to 60 million euros. The businessman is buying premises to guarantee rental income, such as his recent agreement with Ikea, and is considering developing more housing operations.

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