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The Landlords of Premises will have to Pay their Taxes even if they Don’t Receive the Rent

The owners of commercial premises will have to pay the Tax Authorities the VAT corresponding the first quarter even though they have not collected the rent in many cases.

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Commercial premises in Madrid.

The Government will not suspend or lower taxes for the small landlords of commercial premises, businesses or even homes, in case of the non-payment of rent be it voluntary, forced, agreed or deferred. Rather, they will have to pay tax on the rents not received, according to reports from Vozpópuli.

In many cases, these property owners also depend on this rental income to survive, and even to pay the mortgages on the respective properties. However, they will have to pay the Tax Authorities the VAT for the first quarter without having collected the rent (or only part of it) or the accrual for the tax from the tenant, at least for March. In addition, those who have rental housing must also report as income in the IRPF return the rent that they have not received.


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