Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The Italian Real Estate Market in April

Mario Nicolini, Head Of Valuation in Aura REE Italia

Piazza del Duomo in Milan, empty because of the pandemic

Two months of nearly total inactivity due to Coronavirus will mean for real estate losses for 20 billion euro over the forecasted 132 billion and a contraction of the transaction volumes between 10% and 20%, estimates Scenari Immobiliari. However, there is still too much uncertainty to have a more precise outlook concerning the economy and occupation.

According to Nomisma, an economic downturn seems unavoidable, with real estate transactions likely down by 110 thousand units compared to the 603 thousand reported in 2019.

Colliers stresses how 70% of the market consists of foreign capitals, which are now gone. On the other hand, sectors like hospitality and retail will resume fast, with Milan leading the recovery of the country.


Kryalos sold an entire building in Turin city centre to a primary international investment fund for approximately 60 million euro. The asset consists of two levels underground and seven above ground and covers a total surface of 21,538 Sq m. The ground floor accommodates the stores of leading fashion brands, while apartments and offices occupy the remaining floors. Kryalos has also been appointed to reconvert the offices into high-end residences.


Illimity has recently closed four new NPL operations for 84 million euro in total. Three portfolios concern distressed single name credits for a total gross value of 73 million and are mainly constituted by corporate secured loans. The fourth portfolio amounts to approximately 11 million euro and consists of corporate secured UTP.

Meanwhile, UniCredit is currently trying to finalize the sale of four different NPL portfolios for a total value of 3 billion euro.

According to the latest survey by Credit Village, Covid-19 will have a significant impact on NPLs, considered that banks would not be able to issue new credit to companies and households in the short term. As a result, distressed credits are expected to increase in the next 12 months, while credit collections are likely to decrease.


World Capital estimates that the pandemic will strongly affect the hospitality sector in 2020, as the industry is expected to lose 30% of the revenues due to the absence of foreign tourists. Investments in hotels will decrease by 45%-50% from 2019.

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The Balearic Islands, Madrid and País Vasco, the Most Expensive Regions in which to Buy a Home

In the Balearic Islands, the average sales price of a home stood at €578,025 in the first quarter of 2020, compared to €122,072 in Castilla-La Mancha.

What was Happening in the Housing Market in Spain Before Covid-19?

House prices in Spain grew slightly during the first quarter of 2020, whereby maintaining the upward trend registered over the last five years, although they were showing signs of peaking.

The Rental Home Market in Spain Continues to Rise

The gross yield on rental housing stood at 6.81% for multi-family properties and 5.61% for single-family units in Q1 2020, according to data collected by BrainsRe.

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The Covid-19 crisis has come at a time when the prices of commercial premises have not yet recovered from the previous recession, the consequences of which lasted for five years.

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Investment in Real Estate Leasing Fell by 8% During the First 4 Months of 2020

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