Sunday, September 27, 2020
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The Guru of Spain’s Property Developers Sees a Future in the Residential Sector, Specifically, in the Rental Segment

Vía Ágora, the new real estate company led by the president of the Spanish property developers, Juan Antonio Gómez Pintado, is opting for the sale and rental of homes, based on the planned transfer of land from the public administrations.

Juan Antonio Gómez Pintado is a specialist in residential property development and his companies always offer a differentiating feature that distinguishes their developments … As well as when it comes to selling them, – with skill and at the right time-, to start over.

In the case of Agofer, sold to the Cordoban Sando Group for 220 million euros in 2007, it was a family business that diversified geographically and that dared to take the leap outside of Spain. With Vía Célere, he made industrialised development his hallmark, before going on to sell the firm – ten years later and with the economic cycle in his favour – to the fund Värde Partners in 2017. And now he is talking about sustainability and rental homes with his new company, Vía Ágora.

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The Details of the 102 Residential Plots Being Sold by the Community of Madrid

The regional government is going to put 240 publicly owned plots up for sale, of which 102 are for residential use. The jewel in the crown is a plot spanning more than 32,000 m2 in the heart of the Salamanca district.

How Covid is Affecting House Prices: Map of the Decreases by District

The coronavirus crisis is causing house price decreases of up to 70% in some municipalities in Castilla La-Mancha, the Community of Valencia and Andalucía.

Property Developers Launch Large Urbanisations Post-Pandemic

Between April and August, work began on 996 developments in Spain with the ten largest comprising 1,691 homes. Of those ten, which are located in Madrid, the Basque Country, the Community of Valencia and Andalucía, four are being built by Amenabar.

Fearless Despite the Crisis: Property Developers Start Work on More than 27,000 New Homes Since April

Between April and August, work began on a total of 996 developments and 27,882 homes in Spain, according to data from the real estate big data platform Brains RE, with Amenabar, Habitat and Aedas the most active players.

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The supermarket chain will invest around 75 million euros in this project, whose launch is scheduled for the end of 2021.

Avintia and Cemex Launch the First Factory for the Industrialised Construction of Homes in Spain

The companies have launched the first factory for the industrialised construction of homes in Spain in Carabias (Segovia), which will have a production capacity of around 1,000 homes per year.

Burberry Chooses Málaga to Open its Third Outlet in Spain

Across Spain, Burberry operates five establishments, including its own stores and concessions in department stores.

Madrid Sees a Boom in the Construction of New Homes in Berrocales, La Solana and Campamento

1,393 homes are planned for La Solana; 4,500 for the first phase of Berrocales, with more than 22,000 forecast by 2034; and 10,500 in Campamento, with a significant percentage of protected homes in each location.