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The Government Wants to Push Ahead with its First State Housing Law

David Lucas junto a Pedro Sánchez en un acto del PSOE en 2016.

“We have to establish different levers to make this constitutional right effective,” said the new secretary, who has replaced Elena Beunza, during a speech on Thursday.

The initiative will aim to protect and promote public housing; avoid regional imbalances in terms of housing across the country; and legislate at the state level to ensure that every citizen has the right to accessing a decent roof over their head.

Along with this legislation, the Ministry of Transportation, Mobility and the Urban Agenda is also working on a law to put an end to the legal uncertainty surrounding the medium and long-term housing plans of autonomous regions and town halls. It also plans to introduce an architecture law, which will focus on the rehabilitation plans for buildings and homes to be dedicated to public rental, amongst other areas.




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