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The Government Orders the Cessation of All Non-Essential Activity, Including Construction

On Saturday, Pedro Sánchez announced the cessation of all non-essential economic activity from Monday, which will mean the suspension of all real estate projects.

Pedro Sánchez
Pedro Sánchez, participating in a meeting with the European Council. Borja Puig de la Bellacasa

On Saturday, the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, announced an extension of the measures to fight the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. To this end, the Government ordered the cessation of all non-essential economic activity. The measure will take effect from Monday 30 March and will last for the duration of the State of Emergency, which is currently due to end on 9 April.

During this period, the workers affected by this measure, which seeks to reduce the number of infections, will continue to receive their wages; they will then recover the hours not worked once the situation has returned to normal, said Pedro Sánchez in an extraordinary appearance. “All workers have to stay at home from Monday 30 March until Thursday 9 April, inclusive, just like they do on the weekend,” he explained.


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