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The Government Decrees a 14-Day Quarantine Period for People Arriving from Overseas

Spain will introduce a 14-day quarantine period for people arriving from abroad. Passengers may comply with the requirements at their homes or in temporary accommodation.

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The Spanish Government has issued various ministerial orders to limit the entry into the country of people from abroad with the aim of curbing the health pandemic generated by the Covid-19, as reported in the Official State Gazette (BOE) on Tuesday.

Under this latest measure, to be applied from Friday 15 May and which will be in force for the duration of the State of Emergency, travellers must remain isolated in their homes or other accommodation for 14 days, and must limit their trips out to the purchase of food, medicines and other essential items; they may also go to health centres, to access health services and establishments, or due to force majeure or other essential need.


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