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The Government Debates Suspending Rental Payments for 2 Months

The proposal contemplates the suspension of rental payments, and not a moratorium, for those who have lost their jobs due to an ERTE or a reduction in working hours.

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Pedro Sánchez, Prime Minister of Spain.

For several days now, the Government has been discussing what to do about rental payments, for both homes and premises, for those people who have been affected by the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, with a view to applying a measure similar to the one already introduced for mortgages.

The first option, proposed by Unidas Podemos, was to waive the rental payments on homes and premises for all those families, self-employed people and SMEs who have been economically disadvantaged by the outbreak. The alternative, and the option backed by Nadia Calviño (Minister for Finance), is to combine an increase in rental subsidies with the introduction of payment deferrals backed by State guarantees. In this sense, the Government is looking at paying 100% of the rent to small owners and 5% to large owners, according to Efe.


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