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The Government Awards €7.3 Billion of European Funds to Urban Renovation and Social Rental Housing

Of the total, 6.3 billion euros will be allocated to urban renovation and regeneration and 1.0 billion euros to the Affordable Housing Plan.

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The European Recovery and Resilience Mechanism comprises 672.5 billion euros of funding divided between non-refundable grants and loans to address the economic consequences of the pandemic.

But it seems that for Spain, and specifically, the real estate sector, the Government has already defined a policy. Specifically, it is going to allocate 6.3 billion euros to the area of urban renovation and regeneration, a recurring demand from the trade association, and 1.0 billion euros to the Affordable Housing Plan, which the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, referred to last Wednesday, during the signing of an agreement with Sareb.

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