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The Government Asks the Autonomous Regions for a List of Hotels and Sports Centres to Isolate Infected People

The Prime Minister has asked the autonomous regions for a detailed list of hotels, conference centres, hostels and sports centres with a view to isolating asymptomatic patients.

Pedro Sánchez. Foto de Borja Puig de la Bellacasa.
Pedro Sánchez. Photo by Borja Puig de la Bellacasa.

In his fourth online meeting with the Presidents of the autonomous regions since the state of emergency for coronavirus was decreed, Pedro Sánchez has asked them to send him before 10 April a list of infrastructures – public and private -, where people with mild symptoms, or even asymptomatic people who test positive for Covid-19, could be isolated.

Most tests are currently being performed on people with severe symptoms. For this reason, the regional leaders agreed to demand more supplies of materials, especially tests, but also ventilators. Likewise, all of them supported the decision to extend the state of emergency until 26 April, which must now be approved by Congress.


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