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The Fund Freo Prepares to Invest €400 Million in Hotels in Spain by 2023

The German manager is studying opportunities both in the urban hotel segment in Madrid and Barcelona, as well as in the vacation hotel market in the country's main tourist areas.

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The German management company Freo Group has launched a three-year investment plan to carry out operations worth up to 400 million euros in total focused on the hotel segment.

In this way, the firm is looking to diversify its portfolio in the Spanish market, where it has specialised in the office sector until now. The tourism market is expected to offer numerous purchase opportunities due to the strong impact of the Covid-19 crisis. “Despite the impact that the health crisis has had at an economic level and, specifically, on the real estate market, the Freo Group has not ceased its investment plans in the country for the next few years”, said the company in a press release.

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