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The French Group Frey Buys Parque Mediterráneo for €83 Million

The transaction has been closed just a few days after the acquisition of another shopping centre in Finistrelles, for 127.5 million euros.

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Just a few days after its purchase of the Finistrelles shopping centre (Barcelona), Frey has announced the acquisition of Parque Mediterráneo (Cartagena), one of the largest retail parks in the country. The French group has disbursed 83 million euros to private investors in the operation, whereby demonstrating its commitment to the Spanish retail sector.

Parque Mediterráneo is the largest commercial complex on the Murcian coast, spanning a total of 66,000 square metres. It is located just five kilometres from the city of Cartagena (Murcia) and its area of influence includes around 400,000 inhabitants who live within half an hour’s drive. The main competition is located 45 kilometres away.

Read the full article in Spanish.

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