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The Former Bosses of Telefónica and Morabanc Launch a New Vehicle to Invest in Hotels and Build-to-Rent

The new investment vehicle, called Mibani, is being promoted by the firm NK5, which is owned by the former CEO of Telefónica and the former president of Arcano, Juan José Nieto.

202011 MIBANI Balcells Nieto 1024x680 1
Josep Balcells (left) and Juan José Nieto lead Mibani

The special situations restructuring and investment firm NK5 has launched Mibani, an independent vehicle specialising in the search, analysis, execution and management of investment opportunities for deal by deal operations in the real estate sector.

Mibani will focus specifically on “opportunities to reposition hotel assets and develop new rental housing in Spain, known as build to rent”, specify sources at the company.

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