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The Five Spanish Cities with the Highest Rents

Even though the coronavirus has caused housing prices to fall, Spain’s cities continue to be the most expensive regions to rent homes in the country. Areas such as El Plantío, Vallvidrera, Playa de Palma, Abando and El Pla del Remei have the most expensive rents in Spain.

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The coronavirus pandemic has caused important changes in the way people understand life. This has profoundly affected the real estate sector, as some people have opted to return to childhood homes or just away from city centres.

According to data from Brains RE, the average published price of a home for rent in Vigo has risen by 8.08% in the last year; in Oviedo, by 7.06%, and in Cartagena, by 7%. Meanwhile, rents in Barcelona have fallen by 10.75%, by 7.36% in Seville, and by 7.35% in Madrid.

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