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The First Villa is Sold in Karl Lagerfeld’s Luxury Residential Project in Marbella

Work begins on the Karl Lagerfeld residential project in Marbella and the sale of the first villa is confirmed for around 15 million euros.

proyecto karl lagerfeld

The fashion brand Karl Lagerfeld has started work on its luxury residential project in Marbella consisting of five villas that will become its first house building initiative in the world. The residence is being built in collaboration with the property developer Sierra Blanca Estates and The One Atelier, the international architecture studio, which specialises in the most exclusive real estate.

“Every step forward in this project reaffirms its unique nature”, says Carlos Rodríguez, CEO of Sierra Blanca Estates. “The commitment of all those involved to sustainability and the international interest that it has generated are an expression of the new paradigm that each of these houses will represent around the world and on the Costa del Sol. Never before have we started a process to sell villas from the perspective of marketing much more than an individual home. Here, we are talking about an original project, a brand experience, supreme residential architecture with its own signature.”

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