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The EU Court of Justice Supports Governments’ Restrictions on Temporary Rental Homes

The scarce supply of long-term accommodation justifies temporary rentals being subject to government authorisation, according to the general counsel of the European Union.

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The European Union’s Attorney General, Michal Bobek, has concluded that the public administrations of each EU member country have valid arguments for subjecting to prior public authorisation regimes for the use of properties as temporary rentals (tourist, corporate, etc.), professional or otherwise, in favour of customers who are just passing through and who do not register themselves in the aforementioned properties, according to Vozpópuli.

The European Union has made this decision after analysing the case of two companies with properties in Paris, which marketed them through the tourist rental platform Airbnb. The City Council of the French capital forced the two companies to pay a fine and to return the properties to their use as habitual residences, instead of as short-stay lets through Airbnb.


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