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The EMVS Obtains Plots of Land to Build 570 Rental Homes in Madrid

The Municipal Housing and Land Company of Madrid (EMVS) has obtained new plots of land to build 570 homes and has formalised a request for more land to the City Council.

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The Municipal Housing and Land Company of Madrid (EMVS) is working to increase the supply of apartments for rent at an affordable price. The public company has obtained new land to build 570 protected rental homes over the medium-long term.

These almost 600 homes will be distributed over 18 plots, which are divided into three large blocks. Firstly, there are ten plots located in the districts of Tetuán, Latina, Carabanchel, Puente de Vallecas and Vicálvaro. According to Invertia, these were already owned by the EMVS, but they were unused and now the procedures are going to begin so that they can be built on.

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