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The Construction Sector Resumed its Activity on Monday Except on Projects in Inhabited Buildings

The Government has approved the reversal of the measures introduced to freeze the Spanish economy on 30 March, which led to the complete suspension of work at construction sites.

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Two weeks after its suspension – the decree came into force on Monday 30 March -, the construction of thousands of new homes was allowed to resume between Monday and Tuesday this week – in some communities, Monday was a public holiday. Construction activity was brought to a complete standstill after the Government took the decision to cease all non-essential economic activity, with the aim of stopping the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

The measure, which was criticised by the trade associations in the sector for its haste, represented a serious setback for the construction of more than 131,000 new build homes in progress across Spain. The property developers responsible for those projects must now figure out how they make up the lost time.


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