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The Construction Sector Grew by 19% in 2022

The regions with the most construction projects in 2022 were Andalucía and Cataluña, according to data from DoubleTrade.

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The construction sector remained strong and grew in 2022, despite the crisis stemming from the war in Ukraine and the rise in the prices of raw materials due to inflation. Last year, 53,811 building projects were carried out in Spain, up by 19% compared to 2021 (45,150 projects), representing the best figures in the industry for the last five years.

According to the study “Analysis and evolution of the construction sector”, carried out by the analytical solutions technology firm DoubleTrade, in 2022, 80.1 billion euros were allocated to the execution of construction projects. That figure represents an increase of almost 55% over the investment made in 2021 (51.4 billion euros) and demonstrates the essential role that construction plays in the national economy, especially in Cataluña and Andalucía, the two autonomous regions with the most activity.

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