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The Community of Madrid Will Build 194 Homes for Social Rental Use

The building work will require an investment of 19.2 million euros, which will be borne jointly by the Community of Madrid and the Ministry of Transport.

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The Community of Madrid, governed by Isabel Díaz Ayuso, is going to build 194 homes for social rental use. These homes will require an investment of 19.2 million euros of which 11.4 million euros will be assumed by the regional government, 4.6 million euros by the Ministry of Development and 3.1 million euros by Alcobendas City Council.

The homes will be located in the neighbourhoods of Alto del Arenal (106), and Vallecas (44), in Madrid capital; and in the towns of Berzosa del Lozoya (10), Horcajo de la Sierra (4), Puebla de la Sierra (4) and Alcobendas (26).

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