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The CGPJ Proposes that Tenants be Permitted to Oppose Evictions due to Non-Payment

The judges' governing body has presented 13 proposals for the Ministry of Justice to include in the Decree of urgent measures to deal with the pandemic.

Juan Carlos Campo ministro de Justicia 1024x576 1
Juan Carlos Campo, Minister of Justice.

The General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) will propose to the Ministry of Justice that tenants be permitted to oppose eviction claims for non-payment alleging “the concurrence of force majeure as a consequence of Covid-19”.

That is one of the 13 proposals that the body has agreed upon and that it will refer to the Ministry of Justice. The intention is that the Ministry will consider including them in the Royal Decree law containing urgent measures for the Administration of Justice that the Government is preparing to handle the effects of the pandemic, as reported by the CGPJ.


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