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The Canalejas Luxury Shopping Arcade in Madrid is now due to Open in the Autumn

Galeria Canalejas 1

Galería Canalejas will open its doors in Plaza de Canalejas in central Madrid in the autumn. It will be home to 40 luxury brands and 15 restaurants, according to Cinco Días. The leisure complex is referencing Harrods of London and the Lafayette galleries of Paris as its benchmarks.

The Villar Mir Group purchased the seven historic buildings to develop the hotel, residential and luxury commerce project from Santander for €225 million. Designed by the architect studio Lamela, the complex includes the aforementioned shopping arcade (Galería Canalejas), as well as the first Four Seasons hotel in Madrid, plus around 20 luxury homes. The owners of the complex, the construction company OHL and Mohari, the firm owned by Israeli businessman Mark Scheinberg, have invested €500 million in the project.


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