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The Build-to-Rent Sector Has 40 New Build Developments in Progress to Construct More Than 4,600 Homes

The Community of Madrid monopolises almost 40% of the current offer in the segment, which is extending to more and more cities.

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Any alternative that increases the supply of rental properties will always have a place in the market. For this reason, the Build to Rent (BTR) segment has gone from strength to strength in recent years. More and more developers, consultants and investors are participating in this market and there are currently more than 40 new-build developments underway.

That is according to the latest report from Activum Real Estate Consulting, which analyses the current supply in the BTR segment across Spain. The Community of Madrid is home to sixteen developments, followed by Cataluña with twelve, the Community of Valencia with nine, Andalucía with two and Castilla y León with one.

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