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The Banks Approve More than 200,000 Mortgage Moratoriums Worth €20 Billion to July

Spain's banks granted more than one million moratoriums on mortgage and consumer loans until the end of July, with a total balance pending repayment of 45 billion euros.

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Bank of Spain.

According to the updated data released by the Bank of Spain (BdE), the figures include both legislative moratoriums, namely those granted to borrowers affected by the coronavirus crisis that fulfilled the requirements established by the Government, as well as sectoral moratoriums.

In the case of mortgage moratoriums, at the end of July, Spain’s banks had granted 221,053 moratoriums, equivalent to 82.5% of the 267,763 requested, which had a combined outstanding balance of almost 20.0 billion euros. As of June, the banks had granted 1.1 million mortgage and consumer loan moratoriums, with an outstanding balance pending repayment of 41.2 billion euros.

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