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The Amount of Residential Space Approved for Development Fell by 22% in 2020, Due to Covid

Last year, 87,687 new homes were approved for development, which represents a decrease of 17.32% compared to 2019, equivalent to 20,000 fewer homes.

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The construction sector has also suffered from the effects of Covid: it closed 2020 with a fifth less approved surface area compared to 2019 in terms of new construction and major renovation projects, according to statistics from the Higher Council of the Colleges of Architects of Spain (Cscae).

Specifically, 26.8 million m2 (26,773,696 square metres) of residential surface area was approved for development in 2020, compared to 34,262,298 m2 the previous year, equivalent to a decrease of 21.9%. In other words, 7.5 million square metres less space was approved, according to the report.

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